“If it feels right, follow your intuition. It might be guiding you to a new path that you’re meant to be on.”

Hi! I'm Vivian

I am a business coach, entrepreneur, a digital marketing expert, a world traveler (30 countries solo!) and a tiny snow globe collector. I built my business while I was in my 9-5 and grew it while I was stuck in South Africa during the COVID-19 pandemic. I teach creative entrepreneurs how to start and successfully grow their business while remaining true to themselves. Having personally transformed my life, my teachings come from experience and my success is the proof that you can do it, too. Curious how I turned my life around? Keep on reading...

You might think success came easy, but let me take you down memory lane.

I didn’t have much growing up, in fact during my childhood years I slept on a couch while my younger sisters shared a bedroom with my parents.

During those years I developed a strong will and determination and swore to myself that I would create a life that brought me success, purpose and joy.

I focused on my studies and after successfully graduating in Graphic Design from a prestigious school in Boston, Massachusetts, I landed a job as a web designer in a renowned company.

Life was working for me, or at least it seemed so. I climbed the corporate ladder reaching the high ceiling when I landed a senior role at another renowned company in Chicago, Illinois making six figures.

Behind the shiny exterior of this perfect life, I felt something was missing. I was working harder than ever but my feeling of purpose was never completely fulfilled.

Giving back had always been my driving force and that’s when I decided to travel to Indonesia to teach English to underprivileged kids.

That's when everything changed!

After my travels and re-found sense of purpose, it proved extremely difficult going back to my 9-5 corporate life. Grinding away for a job I didn’t like, working my life away without impacting positively the world. 

In search of my next step, I joined an all-female entrepreneurship conference in San Diego which opened my eyes to the possibilities of creating a life of purpose, living on my own terms, while supporting others on their journey. 

I spent more than a year crafting my own dream business while on my 9-5, which proved challenging but brought me incommensurable joy and fulfillment.

I finally quit my 9 to 5 and pursued my new life full speed, determined to help others build their own version of success through a structured, actionable and result-driven approach. 

My teachings come from direct experienced based on my own learning and trial and errors (so that you don’t have to) and top-notch strategies from the best of the online entrepreneurial world. 

If you are here I know you are ready for it and I can help you get exactly where you want to be. Take control of your destiny and let’s get started!