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5 secrets to overcoming entrepreneurial burnout

 5 secrets to overcoming entrepreneurial burnout

I never thought it would come down to this, but before going full throttle with my online business, I experienced the entrepreneurial burnout.

I had A TON on my plate. I was working the 9-5 job and working on my side business as soon as I got home. Sometimes work would require me to stay longer hours and that meant that when I got home, I would spend less time on my side business because my eyes could not handle looking at a computer screen!

In order for me to achieve results quickly, I was alienating myself from my friends and family. I was basically, a hermit. I hardly went out. I became so OBSESSED with learning how to build my own online business. So I completely stopped communicating and taking care of myself because I was focusing all of my energy on my online business. I did this thinking that it would provide faster success, but instead, I got BURNT OUT. I’m legit cringing right now from the thought of how I let this get to me. I should’ve known better. But you live and you learn, right?

So that you can overcome entrepreneurial burnout and focus on being an online boss that you are, here are 5 secrets to help you succeed:

Make time for your friends!

This was mistake #1 for me. I was completely isolating myself from my girlfriends. I turned down any brunch opportunities with friends because I thought that the more I went out, the less time I had to build my business.

But my girls are just so awesome, so why did I isolate myself from them?

I thought that because they are my friends that they would understand my passion for working on my side business. What I didn’t realize was that my obsession for success, was making my awesome girl tribe feel ignored. Yeah, they understood my passion BUT after months of constantly declining brunch and Happy Hour invites, I was completely dropped from our group chat. I mean, what was the point of keeping me in a group chat if I was not going to go out anyway, right?

My friends almost held an intervention until I realized that it was not healthy to not go out. What I should’ve done instead was to go out at least for a few minutes and catch up with them over coffee. Not expensive, and still enough time to spend some bonding time with the gals!

Exercise and eat healthy

I was so dedicated to my online business that I put my health last. Exercising should be an integral part of your life. Do you know that saying, “You are what you eat?” It’s completely true! I was eating a lot of sandwiches with cheese that had a ton of sodium which caused a bloated stomach, while I was eating a lot of other crap food as well. Eating this way is never beneficial to your body, or mind. Especially when you are trying to be a confident, and successful business owner, period.

At the time, I was cutting corners. It was easy, cheap, and quick. Boy…was I wrong. I kept gaining weight and was no longer thinking clearly. Lesson learned...having a quality nutrition regime promotes overall good health, and energy to run an online business like a boss!

Take deep breaths

Breathing is easy, right? We do it all the time.The issue is that a lot of us don’t take deep breaths. I know I’ve been guilty of this. When there were moments of stress in my day, I would close my eyes, have serene thoughts, and take a deep breath. Taking deep breaths increases more oxygen and blood flow to your brain. Plus, you’ll feel more relaxed and clear-headed so that you can run your business with focused confidence.

Go out there and network!

Just because you are working on your business, doesn’t mean that you can’t go out and network to meet new people that are also creating, or have a business. If you’re a complete hermit (like I was) you will burnout quickly when you are not socializing with anyone. Going to events and networking will open up so many opportunities because you’ll be surrounded by like-minded people. Who knows, you might have a coffee date with an entrepreneur and pick his or her brain about all things business!

Take a break

Take time to do things that you enjoy, aside from your business. For example, I traveled all the time and when I started my online business, I completely stopped for months because I was so dedicated to my business and wanted to see results quickly. Doing this made me anxious and agitated because I temporarily gave up something that I was truly passionate about while overworking myself. Taking a break here and there is really beneficial; you return ready to work on your business with a better mood, which in the end shows higher quality work.

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