Empowering Affirmations for a Successful Business

Did you know that you have a certain power inside of you? You do! It’s not just a bunch of hocus pocus either! Listen up, because you have the power to change your life, and to manifest the positive outcomes that you want for your business. Through empowering affirmations you can change your mindset, and how you respond to the world around you. You are able to create the reality that you desire by creating a more positive mentality. If I do say so myself, that’s a pretty amazing power to have! Especially in a world where people tend to be negative about their money, their work-life, or being crazy busy. They live in a world where they are caught in the addictive mindset of negativity, therefore that is what they tend to receive. You may be wondering, “what is an affirmation exactly?” An affirmation is used by stating a positive phrase that represents what it is that you want to manifest. Some examples of positive affirmations: “Money comes my way easily”,“I am worthy of all the money that I receive”, or “Money is attracted to me and finds its way into my life quickly, and easily”. When you say things like, “I can’t afford this”, or “It’s too expensive” you are literally creating a scarcity mentality. Meaning, you are setting yourself up for failure already. Your mindset has been limited to the negative responses that you have spoken out into the world, without even being aware of what you have done. You have stopped yourself before you’ve even started!

So let's talk about some of my favorite empowering affirmations that you can use in order to create your successful business!


I Am Smart and Super Successful

It's so easy to get caught up in the obstacles that come our way, and the moments when we fail that make us feel as if we aren't enough. But you are! When you tell yourself this affirmation, you’re reminding yourself, and the world of your determination, your will to keep going until you reach your business goals. Success isn't an easy road, it's a road where you learn, and you kick some ass along the way! When you wake up in the morning, or when you are dealing with an obstacle that makes you feel overwhelmed, repeat this affirmation to yourself until you realize it's powerful truth. 

I Attract My Ideal Clients

Do you ever meet someone and you think to yourself, “We were meant to meet one another!” Your ideas, passions, and lives seem to completely relate in an unexplainable way! You are somehow able to make an impact in their lives that was just simply meant to be.
This is very important because your clients are what keeps the business moving along. Repeating this affirmation will help you to stay confident when running your business, and when you’re looking for clients. You will stay faithful to the truth that you will receive the ideal clients that you were meant to help, that you were meant to collaborate, or work with. 

I Can Achieve All of My Goals that I Set for Myself in My Business

You have goals for your business, and sometimes we stand in the way of those goals without realizing it. Let's be honest, when we are feeling low in our confidence, we tend to limit ourselves. Maybe you're making excuses, maybe you aren't managing your time. Either way, repeating this affirmation will set you up with the confidence you need to stay focused and slay your goals because you CAN and you WILL. Obtaining that crystal clear focus will help you take the right steps towards your goals, and you'll be ready to make more! 

My Business Allows Me to Have My Freedom

This is an affirmation that brings such relief! By saying this affirmation you will be reminding yourself of what an amazing business you have currently, or will have in the future. If you have your own business currently, and you’re struggling to stay focused, repeating this affirmation could be what you need to keep fighting for the business that gives you freedom. If you are working for your business for the future, this will give you the push you need to work harder! You deserve the freedom you desire instead of the cubicle that surrounds you! 

I Am Manifesting Wealth in My Business

Speaking this to yourself, and out into the world will bring an immense amount of positivity to your business. You aren't accepting limitations, instead, you are opening yourself, and your business up to the world of possibilities. Your business and mindset are limitless in its growth and progression, which means amazing wealth! Because you aren't giving up, you are putting full faith into what you are doing. Wealth follows behind positivity, confidence in business, and a kick-ass boss behind the scenes. 

I Run A Successful Business

You are just telling yourself the truth! By simply practicing affirmations, and taking care of your mindset, you are ultimately taking care of your business. You are the business, so as long as you are even thinking of how to improve, how to stay focused, you're already successful. Believe that, own that. There are a lot of workaholics out there that work, just to simply work! You my friend, are working smart. You’re creating success where others try to find it. You’re opening up opportunities and you aren't taking no for an answer. Speaking and being this affirmation will only cause you and your business to soar.

There you have it, now start speaking, being, and practicing these affirmations. If you have been having trouble lately, maybe you should start paying attention to what you are telling yourself, how your attitude or thought processes have been during your journey. What are some limited phrases that you have been saying to yourself? Figure out what they are, and make the choice to stop saying them. Start speaking these positive affirmations, even if it seems silly, or uncomfortable. It won't seem so silly or uncomfortable when you start to see a new outlook, and positive results for your business!

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