How to find clients on Facebook Groups

Finding clients on Facebook groups is a great strategy when you are trying to find paid work. The bread and butter of your online creative business is YOUR clients. How else would you be able to make a living if you don’t have paying clients? I get a ton of messages from my boss babes asking me where their potential clients are hiding. Where can the right clients be found?

A few pointers on how to find clients on Facebook groups

NOTE: This is applicable on whether you’re building your business from scratch or you have a business now but looking to find more clients using Facebook Groups.

Use the Facebook search field to find jobs related to the field that you are in

Here’s an example of a way in which you can find a client in a Facebook group. Notice how typing in just a few simple keywords such as, “Graphic Design Job” you see a list of other keywords.

Other keywords that you can use on your search for clients include, Freelance Jobs, Work from Home Opportunities, Work from Home.

Use the Facebook search field to search for niche specific industries that you want to work for

Now, if you want to be niche specific and want to work with clients that have to do with a specific field that you are interested in, you can find them on facebook groups too! For example, you want to work with clients in the Real Estate Industry, simply type in “Real Estate.”

Notice, a huge list of all real estate brokers in your area show up.

Now, you can either reach out to each person individually via messenger asking them if they have a need for your services, or you can simply join a group and post to everyone if they need your services. I would just keep in mind about what the rules are in the group. Sometimes you cannot promote your services but if this is not indicated in the Facebook group then post away! Make sure to also include a link to your portfolio. If you don’t have a portfolio yet, then you can always send a shared link to your google drive where (hopefully!) you have a few images of projects that you’ve worked on.

Keep an eye for potential clients on your current Facebook groups

Most of the time, you will see clients in the Facebook groups that you are part of. Clients purposely sign up to be in Facebook groups when they need a specific service. So if you are in a freelance group, virtual assistants, coaching, etc, pay attention to when you see a post. It may be a post from a potential client asking for your services so make sure you don’t have notifications turned off in your group, otherwise, you’ll miss the opportunity to land more clients! When I felt like the work was piling up for me in my business, I was in NEED of a virtual assistant so I intentionally signed up for a group where all the virtual assistants hang out and I feel lucky to have met her! I did my due diligence and asked myself this one question, “Where can I find a virtual assistant to help me with my day-to-day business?” Then, I thought to myself, there’s gotta be a Facebook group dedicated just for VA’s and after I had searched for VA’s within the Facebook search field, I saw a ton of group and joined two of them. I was the client and my prospects were all the VA’s waiting to get hired! This is a proven Facebook strategy!

Provide feedback to other members in a Facebook group

When you are in different Facebook groups, you’ll often come across people that are looking for some tips or recommendations for their business. I encourage to provide tips or feedback. Why? Because YOU are the one providing valuable information. You stepped up to the plate and you are the one helping out someone in need. You know what that person who was asking for help going to do? This person will click on your link and then they will see your profile bio and without “promoting” yourself in the comment. If you are using Facebook as a strategy to find clients, ensure that you have a profile that displays a link to your portfolio in the event that a potential client reaches clicks on your profile. I also recommend a professional picture of you, not some pic of you partying ;)

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