How to build a close relationship with your client when you're abroad

business clients remote travel Mar 20, 2018

Having a creative online business is an introvert’s dream; no dealing with commuting or the ins and outs of small talk with co workers, and you can take calls in your pajamas. But it’s important to keep a relationship with your clients, even if you rarely see their faces (and only through a computer screen). Close relationships with clients builds trust, and trust is important in letting you do your work on your own without feeling like a client is always looking over your shoulder or needing reassurance. But to build that relationship, it’s going to take effort on your part even more than on theirs. So how do you build a close relationship with your client when you're working remotely?

Here are my top 3 tips on how you can build a close relationship with your client when you're working remotely:

Check In, Even When Something Isn’t Due

Checking in during a project is common sense; asking questions and getting clarification lets the client know you care about...

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4 steps to becoming a full time traveling creative boss babe

If you’re dreaming of working from the beaches of Cancun or from an artist’s flat in Montreal, you’re not alone. The wanderlust is real and believe me, I’ve been bitten by the travel bug just like you. Working while traveling full time is a totally doable thing. If you want to make it happen, go for it! If being a digital nomad is #goals, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s make your wildest wishes come true.

Being a full time traveling boss babe will take a bit of start up work at home, so hold on before booking your one-way ticket to Thailand. Here are 5 things that you’ll need to do to set up the foundation of your business:


1. Master the business stuff

If you’re going to make a living off of being your own boss, you should probably know how to do everything that a boss babe. (Just saying.) Owning a creative business isn’t just the fun pretty stuff, it’s also the nitty gritty of accounting, proposals, invoices,...

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How to be a badass boss babe when you’re an introvert

Being an introvert has its challenges for sure. I used to be super shy (actually, I still am from time to time) partly because of my upbringing and partly just because of the way my brain is programmed. Being an introvert isn’t bad in itself, but it can make going into client meetings and social situations a bit more stressful than it should be. If you’re like me, the more you practice communicating with people, being more social, or even presenting, the better you’ll be at getting over your introverted tendencies. For those of you who are introverts and think that you cannot become a designer because of it, here’s some good news: that’s totally not true.

Here are a few tips that can help you combat your introverted tendencies and be the best designer you can be:


Solo Traveling

Now, I’m not saying to spend big bucks on traveling (unless you want to, in which case I totally support your decision), but if you’re the kind of person that...

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7 types of difficult design clients and how to work with them

business clients Feb 06, 2018

Building your online business is a process and so is learning to deal with different types of clients – it’s certainly not easy!

As a designer, you’ll get different types of clients with different kinds of personalities: you have the needy ones, the ones that have super high expectations, the ones that always think they are right… you get the point.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by having to deal with a difficult client for the first time, you’re not alone.

Here’s your in-depth guide on how to work with 7 of the most difficult design clients you’ll ever meet:

1. Your guide to needy clients:

These are the types of clients that need a ton of hand holding and want you to keep them in the loop for every design decision that you make. Your client may not be hovering over your shoulder as you’re trying to crank away on your design work in a coffee shop somewhere, but it sure feels like they are! You seem to spend a ton of time trying...

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5 ways to easily get clients to communicate their requirements

Do you get frustrated when you’re on a call or at a meeting with your client and they’re just not giving you the answers you need? You’re trying to understand your client's project goals and requirements so you can start creating design concepts, but with the unclear answers you’re getting, that seems like an absolutely impossible task. I’ve totally been there. There’s nothing more infuriating than sitting in on a call, taking notes, and realizing that they make no sense whatsoever when you re-read them after the meeting’s over. The requirements that you got from the call were confusing and vague, leaving you in the dark. Your client knows more about the project than you, so why are you working overtime in an attempt to read their mind? It’s your client’s job to effectively communicate to you their end goal and the requirements to meet that goal. You’re probably wondering: how do you prevent your client from giving you...

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