Empowering Affirmations for a Successful Business

Did you know that you have a certain power inside of you? You do! It’s not just a bunch of hocus pocus either! Listen up, because you have the power to change your life, and to manifest the positive outcomes that you want for your business. Through empowering affirmations you can change your mindset, and how you respond to the world around you. You are able to create the reality that you desire by creating a more positive mentality. If I do say so myself, that’s a pretty amazing power to have! Especially in a world where people tend to be negative about their money, their work-life, or being crazy busy. They live in a world where they are caught in the addictive mindset of negativity, therefore that is what they tend to receive. You may be wondering, “what is an affirmation exactly?” An affirmation is used by stating a positive phrase that represents what it is that you want to manifest. Some examples of positive affirmations: “Money comes my way...

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How to find clients on Facebook Groups

Finding clients on Facebook groups is a great strategy when you are trying to find paid work. The bread and butter of your online creative business is YOUR clients. How else would you be able to make a living if you don’t have paying clients? I get a ton of messages from my boss babes asking me where their potential clients are hiding. Where can the right clients be found?

A few pointers on how to find clients on Facebook groups

NOTE: This is applicable on whether you’re building your business from scratch or you have a business now but looking to find more clients using Facebook Groups.

Use the Facebook search field to find jobs related to the field that you are in

Here’s an example of a way in which you can find a client in a Facebook group. Notice how typing in just a few simple keywords such as, “Graphic Design Job” you see a list of other keywords.

Other keywords that you can use on your search for clients include, Freelance Jobs, Work from Home...

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How to not let clients take advantage of you

Every boss babe will run into difficult clients from time to time, but as a new business owner, you’ll probably run into them more often than not. You may have a client or two that doesn’t respect your boundaries, puts incredibly unrealistic expectations on you, or creeps on the scope of the project like crazy. What are some of the warning signs that a client may not take you and your business seriously? Here are 6 ways that clients may try to take advantage of you and how you should handle the situation so that doesn’t happen:

They’re being increasingly difficult

Not all of your clients will be the dream client you’ve been waiting your whole career for. If your client seems perfect at first and then starts to ask for revision after revision in a short period of time, unfortunately, your client may not be so perfect after all. Difficult clients may need to get proofs and artwork signed off by at least 5 people, 4 of which you’ve never met...

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How to build a close relationship with your client when you're abroad

Having a creative online business is an introvert’s dream; no dealing with commuting or the ins and outs of small talk with co workers, and you can take calls in your pajamas. But it’s important to keep a relationship with your clients, even if you rarely see their faces (and only through a computer screen). Close relationships with clients builds trust, and trust is important in letting you do your work on your own without feeling like a client is always looking over your shoulder or needing reassurance. But to build that relationship, it’s going to take effort on your part even more than on theirs. So how do you build a close relationship with your client when you're working remotely?

Here are my top 3 tips on how you can build a close relationship with your client when you're working remotely:

Check In, Even When Something Isn’t Due

Checking in during a project is common sense; asking questions and getting clarification lets the client know you care about...

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7 types of difficult design clients and how to work with them

Building your online business is a process and so is learning to deal with different types of clients – it’s certainly not easy!

As a designer, you’ll get different types of clients with different kinds of personalities: you have the needy ones, the ones that have super high expectations, the ones that always think they are right… you get the point.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by having to deal with a difficult client for the first time, you’re not alone.

Here’s your in-depth guide on how to work with 7 of the most difficult design clients you’ll ever meet:

1. Your guide to needy clients:

These are the types of clients that need a ton of hand holding and want you to keep them in the loop for every design decision that you make. Your client may not be hovering over your shoulder as you’re trying to crank away on your design work in a coffee shop somewhere, but it sure feels like they are! You seem to spend a ton of time trying...

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