5 ways to easily get clients to communicate their requirements

Do you get frustrated when you’re on a call or at a meeting with your client and they’re just not giving you the answers you need? You’re trying to understand your client's project goals and requirements so you can start creating design concepts, but with the unclear answers you’re getting, that seems like an absolutely impossible task. I’ve totally been there. There’s nothing more infuriating than sitting in on a call, taking notes, and realizing that they make no sense whatsoever when you re-read them after the meeting’s over. The requirements that you got from the call were confusing and vague, leaving you in the dark. Your client knows more about the project than you, so why are you working overtime in an attempt to read their mind? It’s your client’s job to effectively communicate to you their end goal and the requirements to meet that goal. You’re probably wondering: how do you prevent your client from giving you...

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