One On One Coaching

Get the help and confidence in starting + lauching your online business so it doesn't take you years to figure it out on your own!


8 week coaching program that will help you turn your side hustle into a thriving online business you'll be obsessed with!


Coaching program includes:

  • Clear goal setting
  • Strategies to get clients +profit more
  • A proven framework on how to create your personal brand
  • Social media strategies to market your services
  • Streamlining your business 
  • Support and accountability to ensure you are meeting your goals!
  • Leave each session with a clear action plan so you don't wonder what you should do next.
  • 24/7 access to me (if pay in full)
  • A badass boss babe (me!) to cheer you on every step of the way!

Spaces are limited.



Virtual Assistant / from North Carolina, USA

“I'm new to the virtual assisting world and was feeling pretty lost. Vivian got me focused on what's important. I was able to reach out to my target market on Facebook and establish some relationships that led to clients. This was a very big step for me! Thank you, Vivian, for all of your help!”



Brand Identity Strategist and Designer / from Nigeria

“I am a brand identity strategist and designer with over 5 years experience helping business owners to give life to their brands. I recently launched my personal brand called Savvy Brand Chic and had Vivian as my coach for a few weeks. Working with Vivian helped me to get over my launch gitters and just do it as she encouraged me to stop over thinking and start putting myself out there!”



Master Practitioner of Hypnotherapy & NLP, and a Kinesiologist / from Seattle USA

“Having a coach like Vivian, I was able to bounce ideas off of, get suggestions on everything from systems to use for booking clients to social media management has been hugely helpful. I have found Vivian easy to talk with and appreciate having someone to help me set up tasks and keep me accountable to achieve them in a set out timeframe. She is also great at 'kicking my bottom' as required - and believe me, I need it at times!”


Content Writer

"Vivian is full of woman power that inspires you to get going! She's not afraid to work hard, shine, and go after the life that she wants! Vivian has set a brave example of what it means to conquer dreams, and she is ready to help others succeed! She knows what she is doing, and she is more than capable of making a difference in your life."


Pinterest Virtual Assistant/Manager

"Vivian has been a real inspiration to me as an aspiring entrepreneur. She’s living the dream of seeing the world while making a living doing what she loves – and teaching others how to do it, too. Her passion and expertise really shine through in everything she does. Her guidance and expertise in starting an online business have helped me get my business off to a great start so that I can have the freedom to live life on my own terms. Thank you, Vivian!"


Italian Trulli

Oh hey! I'm Vivian, a business coach, digital course creator, world traveler, and a collector of tiny snow globes of places I've been to around the world (30+ countries solo!)

In 2019, I quit my 6 figure uninspiring job, moved out of my high rise apartment in downtown Chicago, left a comfortable life, and as you can see now, I’m traveling the world while working remotely and teaching others how to start and grow a service-based business.

But things weren’t always that easy...

Like most of you, I felt lost, stuck, and confused on how to start an online business that would give me the freedom to work remotely from anywhere.

I knew that my purpose for existence was much more than just going to a 9-5 job so I took action and worked on my coaching business a.k.a. side hustle while I was in my 9-5.

After a year and a half of working on my business, I felt like I was in the same exact place so I decided to reach out to the experts. I hired business coaches to help me become one. If I didn’t invest in my business coaches, I would probably still be stuck in my 9-5 trying to figure things out on my own.

I encourage all of you that if you want to end all of your frustrations as you are starting and growing your business and can't seem to get the results you were looking for, reach out to the experts. The value that you will get out of it is transformative, personally, and professionally.